Welcome to Our Family Business

Founded in November, 2013, we have been quick to establish a standard:

Quality products at competitive prices

We manufacture and supply a wide range of industrial and hospitality aprons as well as butcher’s accessories, abattoir supplies and food transport products.  With more on the way every day.

PSC is run passionately by husband and wife duo Stewart and Natalie Smith. Best of all we have a brand new factory and showroom in Rosebud, Victoria on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.  We love bringing new and unique products to market and are dedicated to keeping manufacturing alive and well in Australia.

Our stuff is tough and built right. We’ve got Australian made aprons as well as a range of other hand-picked food industry products from here and overseas.

The PSC Story

Stewart and his family have worked in the industry for over two decades.

His former company, Allcare Disposable Products, was another family enterprise and a leading distributor of food processing, warehousing and safety items. Father and son team Stew and Maurie focussed on innovation. They wanted to specialise in new and exciting products for the food industry. And they succeeded!

Today, “Stew and Maurie” inspired products can be found right here on the PSC Trading Co website. Whether it is their unique meat branding ink or their specialised medical tape and meat branding crayons, PSC Trading Co is proud of its innovative history. A family history.

In his time with Allcare (1990-2006), Stewart worked closely with a variety of products; from gloves and catering, to packaging, knives and footwear. He also collaborated with many helpful customers to develop unique new Aussie designed products

The result?

PSC Trading Co received another valuable gift from Allcare – Bean Trading aprons. An apron manufacturing business, and loyal customer of Allcare, Bean Trading teamed up with the newly born PSC Trading Co at its 2013 launch. A perfect match for this budding company, with an equal dedication to quality and innovation.

Meet the team behind PSC

Stewart Smith

Owner / Manufacturing Master

(04) 03040714

Stew knows his products inside out. Sizes, colours, materials, the works. A real craftsman. He’s also one of Australia’s finest apron models.

Natalie Smith

Owner / Head Go-Getter

(04) 0990 551

Nat is a non-stop powerhouse of business smarts. Always finding ways to do things faster and better.
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