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Quiche Tart Tray
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Quiche Tart TrayIf baking is your true love and happiness, you would definitely love to learn more about tart trays, right?

So, let’s get started!

It’s a tart baking tray or pan that helps you bake a perfect tart. If you think that pie and tart trays are the same and you can bake a tart in a pie tray, that wouldn’t be a correct baking move. The pie tray or pan has an angled edge and a wider rim. In contrast, a tart baking tray has a straight, vertical, crinkled, or fluted edge. Most tart trays are shallow, leaving space for more fillings. This bakeware is also available in varied shapes and sizes, so that you can choose which tart pan or tray to use depending on the type of tart you are baking. The sizes of these trays range from 3-11 inches in diameter.

Moreover, some tart pans are available with removable bottoms, referred to as a two-piece tart pan. It is perfect for baking a tart with crust, wherein you have to slide the tart ring off the baked tart and then slide it off the flat base to serve it on a plate.

Commonly made of aluminum, flexible silicon, tinned steel, glass, or ceramic, Tart pans usually have a non-stick finish to ensure mess-free unmoulding of tarts. However, greasing your pan or tray will double ensure that your tart will easily come out of the tray. Although tart trays are available in different materials, it’s good to discover about the effects it has on your baked tarts. An aluminum tart tray is strong and does not rust. As aluminum is a good conductor of heat, these trays are mostly preferred. Additionally, a non-stick tray is quite popular as it has a non-stick coating which allows the tart to come out of the surface and makes it easy to clean, too. This type of bakeware is commonly made of steel or aluminum. Made from tempered glass, glass tart trays or pans conduct heat well. It gives your tart crust a perfectly brownish effect. However, one must be careful while removing the trays from the oven as glass heats up faster hence, you need to cool it to room temperature first.

So, it is essential to choose the best tart tray to bake the best tart and not regret later on. Removing the tarts easily and without breaking is one of the most important features you must consider while purchasing a tart tray. PSC Trading is known for providing quality products at competitive prices. Run by a powerful husband and wife duo, Stewart and Natalie Smith, they love manufacturing new and unique products to their esteemed patrons. The PSC’s Non-Stick Aluminum Teflon Coated Tray is made from heavy aluminum steel with non-stick Teflon, which increases the durability of the tray and makes it easier for baked items to unmold and clean. Also, because of the heavy aluminum, it will not warp, rust, or flake. Moreover, the tray is dishwasher safe, so you do not have to worry about washing it with your hands. The pan is 7 inches x 4.5 inches with a beautiful fluted patterned rim and is perfect for making family-sized fluted quiches, tarts, and flans. The other best part about this tray is it comes with a loose base, which is removable. Because of this removal base, you can easily remove your tart or quiche after baking, without breaking or making a mess. Hence, PSC’s Non-Stick Aluminum Teflon Coated Tray is the best pick because:

  • The heavy aluminum steel means high durability and the tray won’t warp under high heat.
  • The pan comes with a loose base for easy removal after baking and serving it directly, without breaking the crust.
  • The pan is non-sticky so you won’t have a problem with unmoulding your tart.
  • It’s easy to use and clean.
  • Your tray is dishwasher safe so you do not have to think twice while cleaning it.

As soon as you finish baking your perfect tart, it’s time to show some creativity. You can use or think of different fillings or also experiment with it as tarts can be both sweet and savoury. Here’s a list of tarts you can try your hands on:

  1. Berries & Cream Tart – You name it and everyone will be drooling, for sure. This sweet tart can be served at an end of a hearty dinner.
  2. Tomato Chevre Tart – Planning for outdoor parties or picnics? This savoury tart will definitely be everyone’s favourite. Try it!
  3. Strawberry Lemonade Tart: You must try baking this cool, creamy and fresh tart.
  4. Simple Blackberry Tart: Simple, easy yet delicious, make simple blackberry tarts to hone your baking skills.
  5. Spanish Nut Tart – Bake and keep this sweet and delicious tart all to yourself.
  6. Cheesy Bacon and Two Onion Tart – Perfect for breakfast and brunch, you must try baking this cheesy and delicious tart.


Happy Baking!

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