Quality leather aprons are a must for those working in industrial applications, including fruiterers, farriers, and barbers. That’s why we’ve designed two traditional leather aprons that are specially made for people in those professions. With plenty of pockets and 100% genuine leather material, our old-style fruiterer aprons will add a feeling of luxury to every day at work.

What Sets Our Aprons Apart

Our aprons, which come in black and brown, have lots of features that set them apart from our competitors. These include their:

  • Comfortability: Our aprons are all W72 cm x H85 cm, but their adjustable T-back neck and waistband allow them to fit comfortably on the majority of people. Their leather material also makes them very breathable, which is important for those working outside or in other high-temperature areas.
  • Pockets: Who couldn’t use more pockets? These aprons have deep double split pockets, layered outer pockets, chest plate pockets, and an additional deep secret inner pocket on the back of the apron, all finished with heavy stud detailing. Needless to say, you’ll have no problem finding a place to put your hoof tester, pocket knife, or any of your other tools.
  • Durability: These aprons are far more durable than any cheap apron you can buy online. This is due to their 100% genuine leather fabric, silver or brass hardware, double stitching, and secure buckles. You can count on this apron to stand the test of time, even if exposed to difficult weather conditions.
  • Style: A great feature of our aprons is that they look as great as they feel. Made with black leather or tan suede/chocolate leather, these timelessly stylish aprons are sure to give you a put-together and professional look. The color of the leather is complemented nicely by the apron’s hardware eyelets, which are silver for our black aprons and brass for the tan/chocolate aprons.

The Advantages of Leather

That all being said, the standout feature of our aprons is that they’re made entirely of leather, which has several advantages of its own. These include its:

  • Water Resistance: Once treated and waxed, leather is resistant to water and other liquids. This feature comes in handy for those working in professions where they’re often outdoors in less-than-ideal conditions.
  • Breathability: As mentioned above, leather is much more breathable than other materials. Air passes through leather easily, which helps regulate your body heat in both warm and cold environments.
  • Easiness to Clean: Leather is exceptionally easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth. This is a far cry from cotton-based aprons that become covered in stains after just a few weeks of usage.
  • Smell: Simply put, genuine leather smells great. This is large because leather is devoid of all the chemicals that make most other clothes smell strange.
  • Protection: Leather is quite a lot stronger than most materials — it easily outlives any synthetic or cotton-based pieces of clothing. Leather is so strong, in fact, that it offers an extra layer of protection against needles and other hazards you may have at work.
  • Sustainability: Leather is a natural material. This means no harmful chemicals are used to make it, unlike clothes made from synthetic fabrics. This, paired with leather’s longevity, makes it the more environmentally conscious choice.

Quality Aprons You Can Count On

We’re proud to say that our leather fruiterer aprons are worn by people in various professions all across Australia. With all their features and advantages, our aprons are designed to make work a more productive and comfortable place to be.

If you have any questions about our aprons, shipping, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.