When New Zealand first perfected the blast-freezing technique in the 1950s, they also invented another, lesser-known technology to go along with it: freezer spacers. These days, freezer spacers are still a necessity for any business looking to freeze products quickly and efficiently, and plastic freezer spacers have revolutionized the market.

Whether you’re an abattoir owner or a pastry maker, if you regularly freeze products and haven’t yet invested in plastic freezer spacers, now is the time!

What are freezer spacers?

Freezer spacers are used to increase the airflow between items as they are frozen, thus creating a faster, more efficient freezing process.

Plastic freezer spacers are a nonporous, non-toxic, reusable, and rugged option for blast freezing, tempering, cooling or storing anything from frozen meat to boxes of frozen vegetables. But what are they and how do they work?

Our plastic freezer spacers are durable sheets of plastic designed with raised portions, which create a series of hollow channels that allow cold air to flow quickly and evenly both under and over your products for a faster, better freeze.

The Benefits of Freezer Spacers

Unlike other freezer spacers, plastic options offer a wide range of benefits, making them one of the most useful food preservation investments your business can make.

  • Faster freezing. The cavities of plastic freezer spaces allow air to move unhindered around the load, and increased air circulation makes for more rapid freezing times.
  • Increased savings. A faster freezing process results in increased cost savings due to time savings, lower utility costs, fast shipping capabilities, and less product sitting in your freezers, waiting to be purchased.
  • Efficient, space-saving design. Designed to be nestable, many plastic freezer spacers can help you drastically cut back on storage space and make your freezers cleaner and more efficient workspaces.
  • Durable and lightweight. Our plastic freezer spacers, like many others, are made from durable plastics that are difficult to warp or break. Despite this, they are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easier to work with than wooden pallets or metal racks. They also resist chemical spills, are designed for a range of temperatures, and will maintain their structural integrity even with repeated use.
  • Unlike wooden pallets – which retain water and are prone to rotting, warping, and bacterial contamination – plastic freezer spacers are easy to clean and sanitize in between uses. This means they don’t have to be replaced nearly as often and can easily be reused for a variety of products without the fear of contamination.
  • More sustainable. Not only do freezer spacers last much longer compared to other options, but they are also – for the most part – 100% recyclable. Utilizing and maintaining plastic freezer spacers can help decrease the use of finite materials such as wood, and their easy recyclability helps prevent more plastics from piling up in our landfills.
  • Faster, easier transportation. Plastic freezer spacers aren’t just great for freezing – they’re also perfect for transportation. Their lightweight and sturdy design make them easier to move than other options. Any leakages that occur in transportation are contained by the design and easily cleaned and sanitized afterward, which helps preserve your product’s integrity and customer’s safety.

PSC Trading Food Spacers

Freezing items can be a necessary yet time-consuming task – anything that makes it more efficient is a huge benefit! Plastic freezer spacers are one solution for faster, easier and more cost-efficient freezing, and our team at PSC Trading is here to ensure you have access to them whenever they’re needed. We’re constantly searching for ways to make things easier for our clients with new or adapted equipment and solutions to cater to all your needs.

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