Hospitality Aprons

Whether you’re cooking at home or working in a restaurant, protecting your clothing from spills and stains is of utmost importance. Moreover, it is also essential to maintain a professional look for the workers or staff. This is when aprons come into the picture. Different aprons offer different levels of functionality. Also, the length, coverage, and materials define how an apron should be used. For instance, Bib aprons are well-known for their body coverage and versatility and suitable for work and home. Whereas, waist aprons cover the waist area only and are mostly suitable for servers or waiters in a cafe. Hence, we bring you a wide range of aprons for the food industry in different colours, sizes, materials, and styles. I ama not sure that ‘cover the waist area only’ is the correct wording, as they extend down past the waist. So maybe ‘cover from the waist area to the knee’???

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