Aprons for the Australian Food Industry, Hospitality and Home

PSC Trading Co. are one of the very few companies still producing Australian made aprons. Our aprons are all cut, stitched or assembled at a brand new factory in the seaside town of Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.  The higher quality of our materials, along with our strict manufacturing process means that PSC’s Australian made aprons are of a noticeably higher quality than the imported products sold by others.  True-blue Aussie made aprons are rare and our customers love the finer, sturdier feel of our range, whether they’re working in a cafe, restaurant, seafood industry or an abattoir. Because we are manufacturers we know how to judge a good import from a bad.  So we’ve begun importing some really exciting products to expand our range.  All hand picked by us to ensure they are worthy of the PSC Trading Co. name.  Our latest is the Kennedy Smith Design range.  These were painstakingly designed by us and manufactured under our direct guidance and control.  As a result we have a really great range of unique looking aprons bearing the Kennedy Smith Design name for the Hospitality industry.

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