Special Arrivals Collection

Our Special Arrivals include the baking tart tray, heat gloves, and leather/wielding wear such as welder’s armlet, hood, leather legging, and spat leg protector.

Made of aluminium with Teflon coating, our rectangular tart tray is perfect for making tarts, flans, and quiches. Also, it’s highly durable and easy to use and clean. It comes with a loose base which can easily be removed after baking and the tray won’t warp, rust, or flake.

Our Heat Gloves can be used in foundry, smelter, bakery, handling hot surfaces, and oven applications. Made of high-quality material, these gloves are available in varied sizes.

All our leather/wielding wear is made of 100% Australian leather and will ensure to keep you protected while performing hazardous activities.

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